May 21, 2019
An old man hold smart phone watching news by Internet

Amid Media Clampdown, Rural Cambodians Turn to the Internet

PREY KABAS DISTRICT, Takeo province — In September 2017, the Cambodian government shut down a number of independent radio news programs across the country, including VOD, Radio Free Asia (RFA) and the Voice of America (VOA), by claiming that they were being broadcast without the proper F.M. licenses.

Day of Remembrance Used to Extol Hun Sen’s Firm Rule

For Prime Minister Hun Sen, the Khmer Rouge genocide is evidence of progress and security under his rule — a doctrine he repeated again on Monday, the National Day of Remembrance. For some political observers, however, the lesson lies less in the virtues of his firm grip over the country’s politics, and instead in the dangers of unrivaled power.