Saut Sok Prathna
Mr. Pov Saroath

For Shooting Victim, Incident Anything but ‘Resolved’

BATTAMBANG CITY — After being shot in the back five months ago in a violent crackdown by military police on a land-dispute protest, Pov Saroath is now deep in debt and faces a life without the use of his legs. For provincial authorities involved in the incident, at least, the situation has been labeled “completely resolved.”

Illegal Logging

NGOs Raise Concerns Over Illegal Logging

Illegal logging and timber trafficking are continuing with impunity as local administrators and government officials become complacent under the country’s single-party rule, two NGO officers said.

Khmer Krom Samakki Raingsey pagoda

Controversial Buddhist Pagoda Legalized After 22 Years

Wat Samakki Raingsey, a Buddhist pagoda in Phnom Penh famous for offering shelter to land dispute victims visiting the city to protest their cases from around the country, has been formally legally recognized 22 years after its founding.