Nhim Sokhorn
Kem Sokha (right), with his wife Te Chanmono (left) and his mother Sao Nget, at his Phnom Penh home the day after he was released from Correctional Center 3 prison in September 2018. (Chhea Bunnarith)

Ministry to US: Kem Sokha in ‘Comfort of His Home’

Cambodia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry on Tuesday responded to a video from the U.S. State Department, which called opposition leader Kem Sokha’s ongoing detention without trial “baseless,” by noting that Sokha had been released from prison to the “comfort of his home” a year ago.

Analysis: Why Does the US Care About Kem Sokha?

Political tensions are threatening Cambodia’s duty-free access to the E.U. and U.S. markets. Driving the tensions is the E.U. and U.S.’s insistence on Cambodia restoring the appearances of democracy, including the release of former opposition leader Kem Sokha from house arrest.

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Problem Not US or WSJ, but Digital ‘Fake News’: Officials

Senior Cambodian officials said they had no intention of suing an American newspaper over what they claimed were unsubstantiated accusations of a military base deal with China, instead saying the problem was unregulated digital news circulating around Cambodia.